Parents worried about outside PE classes at San Marcos High when new gym just opened

Knight Center funded by taxpayers

SAN DIEGO - Some San Marcos High School parents say their children must have physical education classes outside even though taxpayers just funded a multi-million dollar new gymnasium.

School principal, Julie Mottershaw, said the new gym, called the Knight Center, is used every period of each day.

Elick and other San Marcos high school students said it's just too hot to have gym class outside.

"I sat down on the track and stood back up and I had welts through my jeans," said student Ericah Elick.

They said one student passed out from heat exhaustion last week and Elick and her friend Genesee Smith had to be treated by a nurse after performing at an outside assembly. 

"We couldn't sit up straight and we just kept drinking water," said Smith.

Parents contacted Team 10 and said they are worried about classes being held outside amid the locally high temperatures. They feel they the students should be using the brand new gym.

The gym was funded through Proposition K, a $287 million bond that passed in November 2010.

"Because a lot of people have invested so much in this school and for us to not be able to go in and use that gym, it's like why in the first place did they even build it," said student Helen Aguilar.

Sources said Mottershaw wanted to save the gym for extracurricular activities.

Mottershaw said that's not true and they are still figuring out the gym class rotation for the new building.

"The facility is being used all day every period. There was just a student who walked by as we were talking to get water because he's using the weight room in here, a PE course," said Mottershaw.

Mottershaw said PE courses in dance, weight lifting and Air Force Junior ROTC, are held in the gym.

However, she said all gym students can't fit in the center.

"We have between 300 to 600 kids in PE every period. We just can't fit 500 students in Knight Center every period," said Mottershaw.

Mottershaw said she will take these concerns into consideration when planning out what gym classes are held in Knight Center.

Students said they just hope more kids will be allowed to use it during the day.

"We shouldn't risk other kids lives outside in this unusually hot heat wave when they could easily be inside the gym," said Smith.

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