Officers covered colleagues' DUI, documents claim

Court records show police reports falsified

SAN DIEGO - Court records obtained by Team 10 claim two San Diego Police Officers covered up a colleague’s drunk driving arrest and falsified police reports to do it.

Gang unit detective Jeffery Blackford crashed his car while driving drunk on December 7, 2013.

Officers on scene waited three hours to test his blood alcohol level, but Blackford's BAC still registered over the legal limit.

He was found guilty and was sentenced to probation.

Court records obtained by Team 10 show the SDPD's internal investigation into the crash "identifies a number of sergeants and officers… who were referred for criminal charges…"

The records show a "Sergeant English and his subordinate, Officer Whit intentionally falsified police reports..."

The records say "they admitted it and they were never charged either criminally or administratively."

In California, knowingly falsifying a police report is a felony.

In a deposition under oath, former San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne said the department had an alcohol abuse problem.

"It's one of the reasons that led to some difficulties and they needed some assistance and help," Lansdowne said.

The San Diego County District Attorney would not talk about why charges may or may not be filed in specific cases.

A police spokesman was contacted Friday afternoon for a comment, but as of Friday evening, there had been no response.

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