Nonprofits waiting to be paid thousands of dollars by Acteva

Acteva blames 'crisis' on social media

SAN DIEGO - Nonprofit groups say they are owed thousands of dollars by San Francisco-based company Acteva -- some as much as $100,000 -- and two San Diego nonprofit groups are affected, including the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists.

The group honored one of San Diego's most well-known broadcast journalists during their annual awards banquet in July. Loren Nancarrow was named Journalist of the Year in front of more than 200 professionals and students.

San Diego SPJ board member Lori Weisberg said it was a memorable evening.

"It was very emotional and touching and really resonated with the journalists," said Weisberg.

SPJ hired Acteva to process the credit card payments for the event. The company is supposed to accept the payments for the event, take out a portion of the proceeds for processing the credit cards and then send the SDSPJ the rest of their money.

Weisberg said they've used the company since 2004, but added, "And this year, the check did not arrive."

Weisberg said the group is out $6,200, and it appears this is happening to nonprofits all over the country.

The site "Acteva Sucks" was set up by Jason Brown after he said his wife's group used the company and is waiting to be paid $21,000.

Brown said more than 50 groups have contacted him.

"We are talking about cancer organizations, charities, we are talking about kids, elementary schools," Brown said. "It's just that sense of decency. Why can't you do the right thing and pay these people?"

Weisberg said the SPJ has sent Acteva two certified letters, but have not gotten a response.

"This is a company that caters mostly to nonprofits -- organizations that can least afford to have this kind of financial hit," Weisberg said.

Team 10 tried to contact Acteva by phone, but its phone system does not allow callers to leave voice messages.

Next, Team 10 tried to reach the company through email and received the following reply from the company's CEO, Pankaj Gupta:

"Because of the current crisis the business has downsized significantly. The negative social media onslaught is basically killing the business and the brand. All of my key executives and team members have gone. We are trying to stay alive and avoid bankruptcy so that we can drive our software as a service revenues to pay back the organizers. 

I am personally trying to contact each one of the organizers to come up with some type of plan till we stabilize the situation. It is an overwhelming undertaking but we are doing our best to make the organizations whole. If you have a list of companies go ahead and send it to me so that I can prioritize working with them."

Team 10 will continue to check for progress as promised by Acteva.

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