New information on how Bob Filner spent public money leads to new investigation

Details not provided in memo obtained by Team 10

SAN DIEGO - A memo obtained by Team 10 shows the city attorney's office has new information on how Bob Filner spent public money on city credit cards, including travel to France.

The city attorney's office had been investigating how the former mayor used his publicly-issued credit card, travel policies on his France trip, and more.

The memo is from City Attorney Jan Goldsmith to Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who is the chair of the audit committee and a mayoral candidate.

The subject line stated, "Investigation into Financial and Property Related Issues," but offered no detail on the exact issues.

Goldsmith's office had stopped investigating how Filner used public money when a mediation deal was reached that led to Filner's resignation.

But, the memo said, "Since the suspension of the investigations, we have received additional information that should be pursued."

An audit committee meeting is set for Monday, and Goldsmith and Faulconer will request City Auditor Eduardo Luna lead the new investigative effort. The memo said Goldsmith and Luna had spoken, and Luna was "willing to lead this effort."

Team 10 obtained the former mayor's credit card expenses through a public records request, and the documents showed he put personal expenses on the public card.

Team 10 also had been asking Filner who paid for his trip and his security detail on an overseas trip to France in June, since the day after his return.

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