More detailed information revealed about business started by murder victim Gianni Belvedere

Family idea appears to have come from Utah

SAN DIEGO - Murder victim Gianni Belvedere registered a business in Utah and trademarked that business in San Diego, and on his trademark application he gave the mailing address as Mario's Ristaurante in Lakeside -- the same place Team 10 found detectives on Thursday working a homicide case that has captivated people's interest in the city.

Gianni Belvedere's body was found in the trunk of his car in Riverside last week. His fiancée, Ilona Flint, and his brother, Salvatore, were both shot at the Westfield Mission Valley mall during the early morning hours of Christmas Eve.

Team 10 has been tracing Gianni Belvedere's work history and the launch of his business, La Primavera Specialty Foods. The idea seems to have taken hold from his family Utah.

An article dated from 2009 in the Daily Herald in Utah references the business. The article is about a popular restaurant closing, so the family could launch a new business.

One passage in the article read:

"... Sicilian owners Vic Balsano and his cousins Lenny and Ottavio Belvedere are planning to launch full-time into their prepackaged food-making business, Primavera Foods, which has been distributing the restaurant's signature creamy tomato basil soup at Costco in Utah for the past year, and more recently, Vic's personal favorite pasta sauce, dubbed the Toscana, which is made of tomato, basil, cream and Romano cheese.

'I'm very saddened by the decision to close. But I've been in the restaurant business for 50 years, and it's time for me to move on and try other things," said Balsano, who also turns 69 on the day he closes his family-owned business on Saturday.'"

A Team 10 investigator contacted Lenny Belvedere, who lives in San Diego. He had no comment on La Primavera when reached by phone. Vic Balsano, now 73, and Ottavio Belvedere also could not be reached.

Three years after his family was quoted as ready to launch the new business, Gianni Belvedere registered La Primavera as a business in Utah in February 2013. The three-year gap could not be explained through public records requests.
In April 2013, Belvedere applied for a federal trademark for his business. On that application, he used the address for Mario's in Lakeside. Gianni hired attorney Eric W. Peterson in San Diego for the application. Team 10's calls to Peterson were not immediately returned.

It can take several months for a federal trademark application to be processed. Once it clears the initial phase, it is published in a federal document and people have 30 days to oppose.

Belvedere's application was published for opposition on Jan. 7, when he was listed as missing.

La Primavera Specialty Foods included gluten-free Italian food products. It also had a line called "Italian classics" that featured "(NON gluten free) pizzas, pastas, lasagna, ravioli, manicotti, cannelloni, soups sauces, cookies," according to the trademark application.

Gianni's sister Laura Belvedere is listed as an owner of La Primavera. Read more on the business here. (Mobile users:

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