Military veteran sues Boy Scouts of America, alleges sexual abuse at hands of former scoutmaster

Attorneys: Several witnesses confirm abuse

SAN DIEGO - For the second time in two weeks, the Boy Scouts of America are being sued by a former scout.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday by San Diego-based lawyers at the Zalkin Law Firm in Solano County on behalf of Mark Dietrich, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran.

The lawsuit alleges four negligence claims against the Boy Scouts of America, stemming from alleged repeated sexual abuse at the hands of former Scoutmaster Gary Hatfield.

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Hatfield does not have a criminal record, yet Dietrich and his attorneys contend several witnesses confirm the abuse.

"The sexual abuse was very aggressive," Dietrich's attorney Irwin Zalkin said. "It went on for about four years."

Zalkin spoke to Team 10 exclusively Tuesday before holding a news conference in San Francisco to announce the lawsuit.

Dietrich is the latest victim to demand answers from the Boy Scouts of America.  Since Team 10 revealed thousands of confidential files held by the Boy Scouts containing allegations of sexual abuse in scouting, dozens of victims have come forward to sue the BSA.

Dietrich's case differs from others because his scoutmaster was never convicted of abusing him, and there is no confidential file proving the scouts knew about the abuse.

"We are convinced that the scoutmaster was very well aware of the abuse that Hatfield had been engaging in for years," Zalkin said.

The BSA spokesman has said the organization cannot comment on legal action, but did post a YouTube video addressing some of the abuse allegations.

"We extend our sympathies to any and all victims," Boy Scouts CEO Wayne Brock said.

Dietrich and his lawyers are asking for a formal public apology, release of all BSA confidential files and monetary compensation.

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