Michael Aguirre, former city attorney, intends to run for San Diego mayor

Has not yet filed with city clerk

SAN DIEGO - Michael Aguirre, a former city attorney, told 10News he will run for mayor.

He has not yet filed with the city clerk's office, but when he does, he will officially become the 16th candidate.

Aguirre lost an election to City Attorney Jan Goldsmith in 2008.

Goldsmith, who often disagreed with former mayor Bob Filner, had a spirited campaign against Aguirre.

"The message is clear, the city attorney should not be a would-be mayor," Goldsmith said back in 2008 during his campaign against Aguirre leading to a run-ff election. "The city attorney should not be a politician operating out of the City Attorney's Office."

Goldsmith accused Aguirre of pandering for headlines instead of following the letter of the law.

Aguirre served as city attorney from 2004 to 2008.

During much of his tenure, he battled to reverse pension deals he said were granted illegally and contributed to San Diego's retirement fund debt of more than $1 billion.

Since leaving public office, Aguirre has been an attorney in private practice. His law firm, Aguirre, Morris & Severson, is registered with the city as a lobbyist.

He has not yet filed with the city clerk's office.

As of close of business Friday, fifteen candidates had filed to run for mayor - Hud Collins, Bruce Coons, Paul Dekker, Harry Dirks, Marcus Dunlap, Nathan Fletcher, Fred Hill, Michael Kemmer, Jared Mimms, Teresa Miucci, Ashok Parameswaran, Tobiah Pettus, Kurt Schwab, Mark Schwartz and David Tasem.

Carl DeMaio will announce if he will run at a news conference 11 a.m. Tuesday. DeMaio said he will take the long holiday weekend to consider his options. He currently is in a congressional race against Rep. Scott Peters.

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