Medical letters to people in San Diego found on Cleveland road

News photographer found the documents

SAN DIEGO & CLEVELAND - A box filled medical letters addressed to people San Diego and surrounding cities was found just off a highway exit ramp in downtown Cleveland late Tuesday morning.

The unopened letters are addressed to doctors in San Diego from the Cleveland Clinic -- world-renowned for its medical center that draws some high-profile patients, such as Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Nayef.

Team 10 has addresses and names of people affected in San Diego, Chula Vista, El Cajon, La Mesa, Fallbrook and Spring Valley and is working to alert them because it was not immediately clear what was in the letters.

The box appeared to belong to the U.S. Postal Service, but a postal spokesperson in Cleveland said it appears to have come from an independent carrier because it does not deliver or pick up mail at the Cleveland Clinic.

A Clinic spokesperson had not yet commented on how the papers ended up on the street, but told Team 10 colleagues in Cleveland that there was no patient information in the letters. It was information regarding health care providers, a spokesperson said.

One of the letters was addressed to Dr. Paul Brion in Vista. The rheumatologist told Team 10 he's relieved that patient information wasn't lost but he's still concerned that his personal information was out there.

"I think this needs to be investigated so we can figure out how this happened," said Dr. Brion.

The letters were found by a news photographer at 10News' sister station WEWS in Cleveland on his drive into work. He returned the letters -- still unopened -- to the Clinic.

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