Mayor Bob Filner will reimburse group for France trip

OIAC is not nonprofit, according to IRS

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner filed gift disclosures with the San Diego City Clerk's office on Wednesday with a supplemental statement that said he will pay for his junket to France.

"I have become aware that OIAC's representations regarding it's non-profit status were inaccurate," Filner said in the filing. "For this reason, I will reimburse OIAC for all amounts it paid for my travel expenses to participate in its International Conference in Paris, France, above the $440 gift limit."

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By law, if the group was a nonprofit, Filner's trip costs could be covered.

But as Team 10 first reported last week, the Organization of Iranian-American Communities is not listed as a 501(c)(3), according to an IRS spokesperson.

In the disclosure, Filner listed the gift from OIAC as $9,839. The business activity was listed as "International Conference Participant."

The mayor spoke at a conference for the group, and Team 10 found video of his short speech online. During his couple of minutes on the stage, Filner said women will "set us free."

News of sexual harassment allegations broke several days after his return to San Diego.

Inside sources said the mayor's security detail cost taxpayers $22,000, even though the officers missed their flight and met up with Filner overseas a day late.

Other gift disclosures show Filner also accepted Padres tickets for $380, a $65 dinner from lobbyist Nancy Chase, dinner and gala tickets from the county's Democratic Party for $235, and various other event and dinner tickets.

City Councilman Kevin Faulconer released the following statement regarding Filner's disclosure (PDF version

"As Chairman of the City's Audit Committee, I've continued to ask questions about Mayor Filner's junket because the story doesn't add up. Nothing makes sense about a San Diego Mayor taking this trip to France. I'm going to continue to investigate to determine if other rules meant to protect taxpayers were broken."

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