Mayor Bob Filner swarmed by media in public appearance

Refuses to address scandals

SAN DIEGO - Mayor Bob Filner made a public appearance at the Barrio Logan trolley stop to celebrate the trolley's renovation.  He was immediately surrounded by cameras and questions.

"You campaigned on transparency, you always said you'd be transparent. Will you be transparent and talk to the media about these scandals?" Team 10 asked Filner.

The mayor has said little about the sexual harassment claims against him and taken few questions.
He's refused to say who paid for his recent junket to Paris or talk about a federal investigation looking at why a private developer gave him $100,000 for public land.

"Mr. Mayor don't you think you should make a statement?" Team 10 asked. "Shouldn't you say something sir?"

"You know we're here to deal with the trolley," Filner responded.

Mayor Filner wandered the Barrio Logan trolley stop trailed by local and national media. He yielded to the pressure of the spotlight with a brief statement.

"There is a legal process by which all of this will be decided," he said.

"What about some of the other scandals?" Team 10 asked. "The Sundroad investigation, the Paris trip.  You can talk about those can't you?"

Filner walked away and sat alone shortly before the news conference about trolley renovation to began.

In March, Filner stood next to his former political ally, Donna Frye, during a news conference at City Hall when he announced her as his transparency czar.

"The public has to know what's happening and they have to know it at a time when it means something," Filner said at the time.

Months later, Frye helped reveal the alleged sexual harassment in his office.

On Thursday, the mayor's only statement of any length came from behind a podium, regarding the trolley renovations.

"Thank you Mr. chairman," Filner said. "I see you found a wonderful way to attract media attention for our efforts on the trolley."

Filner did not comment when asked directly if he sexually harassed women. He has said in a statement that he is innocent, and is entitled to due process.

By Thursday, seven women had openly said Filner sexually harassed them. Several more had the same claims and wished to remain anonymous.

Team 10 has been requesting a professional sit-down interview about these scandals with Mayor Filner, for 27 days.

In addition to Team 10 and other local media, national and cable networks were there with producers and photographers.

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