Mayor Bob Filner speaks to city after resignation announcement

At times sounded emotional

SAN DIEGO - Mayor Bob Filner announced his resignation, effective 5 p.m. on Aug. 30, and he then spoke to the people of San Diego and his former fiancee.

"I love you very much," he said to an absent Bronwyn Ingram. "We did memorable things in the short time that you were first lady... and I personally apologize for the hurt I caused you."

Filner appeared emotional when he made that statement.

"Certainly it was not my intention, to be a mayor (going out) like this," he said.

Then, to women he said, "I  had no intention to violate any physical space... I will try to make amends."

But, Filner also later said, "I have never sexually harassed anyone."

Eighteen women have publicly accused him, and Filner said not one claim was ever proven in a court of law.

Filner said a lynch mob got him, and he "cautioned the council" about it. Filner said rumors become allegations, and allegations become facts, and facts become evidence.

"Those of you in the media ... need to look at what you helped create."

"This is the toughest decision of my life," Filner said. "You all know me to be a fighter."

"The fight for control of this city has become vicious and bloody," Filner said. "I can't afford to continue this battle even though I know, if given due process, I would have been vindicated."

After listing his accomplishments in office, Filner appeared to once again soften.

"Lord knows I am not perfect -- I made a lot of mistakes," he said. "I will not give up."

Filner also acknowledged his supporters who were present in the room, having spoken on his behalf before city council voted to accept the deal brokered in mediation earlier this week.

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