Mayor Bob Filner served with subpoena in sex harassment case

Has until Aug. 9 to be deposed

SAN DIEGO - Mayor Bob Filner was served Friday morning with a subpoena to appear at a deposition on August 9.

The deposition will take place at the San Diego city attorney’s office and will include city attorneys and private attorney Gloria Allred, who represents former Filner communications director, Irene McCormack Jackson.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said it took several days to find Mayor Filner to serve him with the subpoena.

The city attorney said his office tried to serve Filner on Thursday at his City Hall office, but was turned away by his chief of staff, Lee Burdick.

Goldsmith said the mayor was served at the SANDAG offices. Team 10 asked Goldsmith if three to five days was a long time to serve someone.

"For somebody who you know where they work, yeah," Goldsmith said. "He's mayor of the city - we know that. It was a little difficult for our investigators."

Mayor Filner announced he would enter “intensive therapy” for two weeks beginning on August 5.

Goldsmith said if the mayor is not deposed before August 9, he could be held in contempt of court and put in jail. He said he was willing to take the deposition before the mayor enters therapy.

Regarding Burdick turning investigators away who were looking to serve the mayor, Goldsmith sent her a letter obtained by Team 10. It states, "It is important that you understand that under the Charter you are not an attorney for the City of San Diego and have no authority to act as an attorney..."

Click here to read the letter (mobile users:

Goldsmith's letter also tells Burdick to stop interfering with the investigation and deliver all documents related to the sexual harassment lawsuit immediately.

There will be a closed session with City Council on Tuesday, Goldsmith said, to discuss the lawsuit against the city.

To date, no other sexual harassment lawsuits have been filed, but seven women have publicly come forward, alleging unwanted sexual advances. Only McCormack has filed a suit.



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