Imperial Beach man says his home is being invaded by rats, worries whole neighborhood infested

SAN DIEGO - A local man says his home is being invaded by rats and he worries his Imperial Beach neighborhood is infested too.

David Montgomery has heard rats in his attic when he is sleeping.

"It sounds like cats or a big animal," he said.

He said his home has been overtaken by the rodents.

"I've caught 25," said Montgomery. "They breed continuously."

The rats have nested in his couch and chewed through the wall and floor. Montgomery is worried the whole neighborhood is infested especially with vacant homes on the street.

He has called Terminex and said he has tried to contact the county for help.

"I've tried different websites and email addresses but no response," said Montgomery.

He emailed San Diego Vector Control Wednesday night and copied 10News on the email.

"Now, I've finally heard from the county," said Montgomery.

Vector Control is a countywide program that monitors and controls animals or insects but they told Team 10 they can only advise Montgomery on how to get rid of the rats, not act as pest control.

"It's frustrating but I'm going to keep fighting," said Montgomery.

Vector Control will go the Montgomery's home Friday to talk with him and neighbors about how to get rid of the rodents.

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