Hunt continues for group that threatened plane

Group's threat caused flight to be diverted

SAN DIEGO - Team 10 is looking into the group claiming responsibility for hacking Sony's PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment and making a bomb threat that diverted a San Diego-bound flight.

John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment, was onboard the flight.
In its tweets, the group Lizard Squad claims to have ties to ISIS, the Islamic militant group.

"I haven't seen any evidence yet that the Lizard Squad is connected to ISIS," said Stephen Cobb, a security researcher at internet security company ESET.

He believes that a separate group, under the Twitter name "Famed God," may actually be responsible for the major hacking incident, instead calling Lizard Squad a troll.

"When you're a troll, you try and get people's attention and you try and say outrageous things."

Cobb told Team 10 hacking carries stiff penalties, but a bomb threat to a plane full of passengers is on another level.

"In many states, it's at least a 20-year penalty for a bomb threat. Adding to that, is making this connection -- albeit probably bogus -- with an international terrorist group and you've got I would think just about every federal law enforcement agency looking into find out who you are and bring you to justice," Cobb said.

Smedley said he couldn't comment on the incident when his diverted flight finally landed in San Diego Sunday.

However, Monday he tweeted that "those ISIS guys are pure evil and shouldn't be conflated with trolls."

Smedley may have been targeted due to the required subscription fee of $50 in order to play PlayStation 4 online. In a tweet from the Lizard Squad, he called Sony another large company that is not spending the "waves of cash" on their customers. It called on the company to "end the greed."

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