HOA horror story gets worse for La Jolla homeowner

Man has new flooding in condo

LA JOLLA, Calif. - A man already out hundreds of thousands of dollars from flooding called Team 10 after his condominium unit flooded again, and he is still placing the blame on his homeowners association.

"I cannot live in an environment where I have no control on the top of my roof or my driveway," said Dr. Kristoph Kuczkowski.

The nightmare continues for Kuczkowski after heavy rain at the end of February caused even more flooding in his condo and his mother's.

"The damage was in the garage," said Kuczkowski.

Kuczkowski was out of the country during the storm and came home to the mess.

"I'm a member of this community and I'm concerned about the members of this community as well. Something needs to be done; I cannot have everything on pallets," said Kuczkowski.

He's been fighting with the Woodlands North Homeowners Association over the sloping driveway issue and flooding problems for two years.

"You don't have to be a civil engineer to know or notice that this driveway is defective," said Kuczkowski.

Team 10 first told Kuczkowski's story in February as part of its Homeowners Association Horror Stories series.

The HOA hired an unlicensed vendor to install nearly 80 chimney caps on the property.

Kuczkowski said when it rained, water flooded his place through the chimney, and his condo was ruined.

His mother's condominium was ruined, too, and she passed away after putting her life savings into the place.

"I'm very upset about the other one more than about this," said Kuczkowski in February.

According to the agreement with homeowners, the HOA is responsible for any and all repairs in what's considered the common areas, and Kuczkowski's driveway is considered a common area.

The HOA was ordered by the city of San Diego to replace the chimney caps, but Kuczkowski said they continue to do nothing about the driveway and drainage issues.

"I've invested a lot of my own money into this trying to help them, knowing the board will more than likely not want to spend any money on anything," said Kuczkowski.

Team 10 first reached out to the Woodlands North Homeowners Association back in February, but they did not reply.

Team 10 reached out again on Monday, but they have not responded as of early Monday evening.

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