Interim Mayor Todd Gloria denies jobs promised by Bob Filner

Gloria: Mess goes beyond sexual misconduct

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Interim Mayor Todd Gloria has spent the past 55 days cleaning up his predecessor's mess. In an in-depth interview with Team 10, Gloria said Bob Filner offered city jobs as a way to get city business done, and the interim mayor said he has had to deny people those promised jobs.

"This job is about saying no, more than its about saying yes," Gloria said. "The mess goes well beyond allegations of sexual misconduct."

Gloria described Filner as having the combination of two bad traits -- being indecisive and a micro-manager.

"It really meant that the gears of government ground to a halt," he said.

Gloria offered two examples -- one where he had to authorize the purchase of $500,000 in office supplies for city offices because Filner failed to sign off on monthly office supply purchases for nine months.

Gloria also explained Filner was deciding things as minute as what type of light bulbs to put in the new San Diego Central Library -- something Filner never did, according to Gloria.

"We were only a few weeks out from opening our new library and naturally it needed light bulbs, and so we had to make that decision," Gloria said. "I think San Diegans would hope the mayor was focused on bigger and more important issues than whether you're doing florescent, incandescent, or LED."

Team 10 first reported how Gloria reversed some of the $86,000 in raises Filner gave seven of his staff weeks before he resigned his office. Filner left the San Diego mayor's office amid sexual harassment and several administrative scandals. He has since pleaded guilty to a felony.

"It made us the laughingstock of the country for quite some time, but I'm moving past that because I've got the eighth-largest city in the country to run right now," Gloria said.

As interim mayor, Gloria has encouraged a plan to expand the downtown San Diego Convention Center. He also supported the opening of the new Central Library.

"Both of those things are not things I'm sure could have gotten done if Bob Filner were still here," he said.

When asked about his political future, Gloria said he will gladly return to his elected role as city council president once a new mayor is elected.

"The truth of the matter is I am the son of a maid and a gardener," Gloria said. "I'm a Native American, Dutch, Filipino, gay guy who somehow or another got elected to the San Diego City Council, so I'm amazed to have the job I was elected to; anything else after this is gravy."

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