Gloria Allred wanted $1.5 million in case against Mayor Bob Filner, sources say

Allred not part of deal taken to City Council

SAN DIEGO - Attorney Gloria Allred had sought $1.5 million from the city of San Diego in the sexual harassment lawsuit mediation, two sources told Team 10.

In an email, Allred responded, "We are not permitted to comment on anything said in mediation. For that reason, I cannot confirm or deny what was said and cannot comment."

Her comment came as the public was about to give their comments on Mayor Bob Filner ahead of a City Council vote on a proposed deal that would end with his resignation -- if the council approved the deal.

On Thursday, Allred called a news conference to say she did not sign off on any deal.

She also called on the City Council not to approve any deal that would cover legal fees for Filner or to give him any payouts for a resignation.

To do so, she said, would further violate his alleged sexual harassment victims, including Allred's client in a lawsuit, Irene McCormack Jackson.

Earlier in the day, other sources told Team 10 negotiators felt the city's liability in that lawsuit was limited, because McCormack Jackson quickly found another job with the city for roughly the same amount of compensation.

Details of the brokered deal will be reviewed and voted on by City Council at a 1 p.m. meeting. Public comment will be accepted before council goes into closed session to vote on the deal.

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