Gloria Allred: Reject any deal that pays Mayor Bob Filner

Allred says she knows nothing of proposed deal

LOS ANGELES - Attorney Gloria Allred called on the San Diego City Council to reject any deal with Mayor Bob Filner that involves paying his legal fees or giving him a payout.

Allred said she knew nothing of the deal that will be presented to the full council on Friday because she did not sign off on one. Allred represents Irene McCormack Jackson, the mayor's former communications director, in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Allred told the media that she knew nothing specifically of the deal, but it "must involve some payment to him or else there would be no need for council to approve it -- they've already unanimously asked him to resign."

Allred was in San Diego Monday to take part in mediation with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, City Councilmen Todd Gloria and Kevin Faulconer and others. She participated by phone on Tuesday and was not present on Wednesday, when word of a deal spread.

"We do not think that the city should help the mayor fight the lawsuit," Allred said. "The public should speak at a public meeting if public funds will be used... The mayor's resignation should not be bought at the expense of his victims; it would be morally wrong."

Allred said any deal that pays for Filner's attorney fees or gives him money to leave office would be a "callous and unholy agreement ... if they are asking for one dollar" the council should vote no.

"His parting gift should be 'good riddance' instead of a handout," Allred said.

Team 10 sources said McCormack Jackson would be offered a six-figure settlement. However, Allred said nothing about that offer, and she maintained she knew nothing about any deal.

Allred made the comments from her Los Angeles office alongside Filner's former fiancee, Bronwyn Ingram.

Allred said they appeared together to again ask Filner to resign. She said Ingram was there because she was one of the first to call for Filner's resignation and wanted to voice her opinion again.

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