Former waitresses claim Chula Vista restaurant owner demanded sex and strip teases

Women file lawsuit to sue for damages

CHULA VISTA - A just-filed lawsuit alleges the owner of a popular Chula Vista restaurant turned his business into a personal dating service with one main rule -- have sex with the owner or lose your job.

The lawsuit was filed by four women who used to work at El Camaron. The women are represented by attorney Dan Gilleon.

"He was treating these women like slaves and they were required to do whatever he wanted," said Gilleon.

He also said the owner, Moises Cuevas, ran a hostile work environment rife with sexual harassment.

"It was well known among the waitress staff that if you did not begin a sexual relationship with Cuevas, or one of his friends, you would be demoted, hours cut, and eventually fired," the lawsuit read.

An attorney for Cuevas declined to comment.

The lawsuit accuses Cuevas of pressuring four waitresses into "doing stripteases" or "lap dances" for he and his friends in exchange for money. If the waitresses did not do as he said, he would "force them to clean the restrooms."

Gilleon called the lawsuit a result of extreme sexual harassment.

"Usually, you see something more subtle. This was over the top," Gilleon said.

According to one account in the lawsuit, Cuevas asked a waitress to become his mistress and offered her $500 in front of other employees to have sex with him. The lawsuit says when she spurned his offers, he fired her.

The suit talks about another waitress who claims Cuevas offered her money and "trips to Mexico in exchange for sexual intercourse." The allegations go on to say when she rebuffed his advances, she was demoted to busser and eventually fired.

The former waitresses are suing for an unspecified amount of damages.

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