Filner praises women in Paris, claims women will 'set us free'

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Mayor Bob Filner proclaimed, "It's the women who are going to set us free" less than two weeks before news of his sexual harassment scandal broke.

The mayor was speaking before a pro-democracy Iran conference in Paris in June. 

Team 10 has been investigating who paid for the trip. However, the mayor has not released specific details despite promising to do so last month.

Filner spoke before the conference and directly addressed a woman he calls "the first lady of Iran." The mayor had his arm around his now former fiancée during the speech.

"You have met the first lady of San Diego," he said. "You have become sisters. You are the first lady of Iran and we want you to have this first lady symbol of San Diego and the world because it's the women who are going to set us free." 

Three weeks after the conference, the mayor's fiancée left him, citing sexual text messages to other woman and verbal outbursts.

Filner stopped talking to Team 10 after we questioned why he spent public money to travel to Paris and attend the conference.

Team 10 has learned the city spent $22,000 to send to members of the mayor's security detail on the trip. However, San Diego's chief of police confirmed those officers missed the initial flight to Paris. They took a later flight and provided security for the duration of the international trip.

Watch video of the mayor's speech below. Mobile users, click here:

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