FBI raid stirs memories of prostitution past: Sexual trafficking survivor shares story with Team 10

SAN DIEGO - Two dozen people answered to charges Thursday in a major sex trafficking ring which investigators called "nothing less than modern-day slavery."

The men and women appeared in federal court accused of trafficking girls as young as 15 years old in 43 cities and 23 states.

The U.S. Attorney in San Diego said most are members of a North Park gang.

For one survivor of sexual trafficking, the arrests brought back her past. In 2012, she said she escaped her violent and cruel pimp who worked with an entourage of gang members.

"Day to day, I was having sex with guys for money and selling my soul," the woman said.

She asked to conceal her identity because her former pimp is still active and gang affiliated.

"One john was really rough," she said. "Another pretended to be a police officer in order to get free sex."

During her three years as a prostitute, she saw up to 15 johns a day, seven days a week earning about $100 for each, she said.

"I felt like there was no way out," she said.

She said she was treated as property.

There is help for victims of sexual trafficking. One of the organizations helping women escape prostitution and violence is the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition in National City.

The nonprofit organization hides, shelters and provides victims of sex trafficking support. The group's anonymous hotline is: 619-666-2757

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