Family contacts Team 10 after they believe dog was poisoned

Goopio family says city, county won't test dog

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Following Team 10's story Thursday, a local veterinarian performed a necropsy -- at no cost -- on the deceased puppy of a South Bay family.

Several 10News viewers, including Daniel Libby, offered to pay to have the procedure done on Luna, a 7-month-old white German shepherd puppy found dead last week.

Dr. Christopher Hoolihan of the Pacific Beach Veterinary Clinic performed the necropsy Friday afternoon. He wants to send Luna's blood to a lab for further testing.

The Goopio family said they are extremely grateful to Dr. Hoolihan and the viewers for their kindess.

The Goopios contacted Team 10 after they say their beloved dog was poisoned and no one would help them figure out what happened.

Team 10 learned that San Diego County and Chula Vista officials would not test the animal, and the family could not afford to get the procedure done.

The Goopio family said they arrived home last Friday to find Luna dead.

"She was pretty, I loved her, she was soft; my best friend," said a crying 12-year-old Angelina Goopio.

The dog was lying on the side of the home in the backyard with foam and blood coming out of her mouth, family members said.

"I bent down and started praying for her, hoping there would be a miracle," said Georgina Goopio.

Georgina and her husband believe the dog was poisoned because of the symptoms. They said Luna had no prior health issues.

Goopio said she called police and they took a report.

"I spoke to the sergeant and he said it does sound like poison," said Goopio.

Animal Control officers came to the home and took the dog to the shelter in Chula Vista.

The city and county do not perform a necropsy on every animal. A Chula Vista city spokeswoman said they only do the test in an animal abuse case or under a special circumstance.

A necropsy was the only way to find out what happened to Luna and it costs $600 to get it done privately.

"We just don't have the money," Goopio told Team 10 Thursday.

Goopio said she was willing to do anything to come up with the funds.

"I have my daughters scooter and that was $250 and I said, 'Do you mind if we take it back to the store?' And she said, 'No, mom, do what you have to do,'" said Goopio.

Angelina said she would sell anything to come up with the money.

"I don't care about some toy or something. I want it for Luna," said Angelina.

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