Court delays water lawsuit decision until 2014

SDCWA sued Metropolitan Water District

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego County Water Authority will have to wait until 2014 to see how its lawsuit against Southern California's largest water provider turns out.

The court Monday delayed its decision until January, citing the need for more information.

The San Diego County Water Authority is suing the Los Angles-based Metropolitan Water District, claiming the water wholesale agency has overcharged San Diego County more than $150 million for water since 2011.

The SDCWA has said retail water districts would see a refund if the court found in its favor.

In the meantime, San Diego County ratepayers are being encouraged to conserve water and are being offer rebates for doing so.

"So that we're not so dependent on imported water but we're using the water we have locally and we're making it more efficient," Kelly Mooney with the SDCWA said.

Currently, the SDCWA is offering as much as $85 in rebates for using high-efficency appliances. The county water supplier is also encouraging low water use landscaping by offering discounts to homeowners who replace high water use landscaping.

To see the full list of programs and incentives for water savings, go here:

According to the SDCWA, San Diego County receives 46 percent of its water from the Metropolitan Water District.

San Diego County has not been able to produce enough water locally to sustain its population since the 1940s when there were fewer than 300,000 fulltime residents.

The latest census calculated more than three million call the county home. The population is projected to grow to four million by 2050.

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