Community fights placement of sexually violent predator Douglas Badger in Campo

State plan would move Badger to small town

SAN DIEGO - A local community is outraged over a plan to send a sexually violent predator to Campo.

This is the second time neighbors have had to fight this decision.

Lynn Ostradner and dozens of neighbors met at a community center in Campo to talk about Douglas Badger.

"This is a person who wears the title for the rest of his life, as far as I'm concerned -- SVP, Sexually Violent Predator," said Lynn Ostrander.

Badger suffers from schizophrenia and has a criminal history of kidnapping and sexually assaulting young adult male hitchhikers at gunpoint in San Diego county.

A plan by the Department of State Hospitals would move Badger to a home, two miles from an elementary school, on Custer Road in Campo.

"We need to start protecting our children," said Ostrander.

Ostrander and her neighbors worry Badger will re-offend if he moves in to their community.

Residents brought signed petitions to stop the move to a community meeting.

Residents said they fought this same battle a few months ago after Team 10 told them about another plan by the state to move Badger to Hartfell Road in Campo.

The landlord of the home pulled out of the deal after Team 10's story.

Neighbors feel like the state is trying to make this move during the holiday's when no one is looking.

"We're paying attention, we've got petitions going and we are going to fight this to the very end," said a woman to crowd of cheering neighbors.

The meeting to decide where Badger will be located is scheduled for Jan. 3.

San Diego County Supervisor Diane Jacob said she will be at the meeting and proposed that offenders like Badger be moved to an area outside the Donovan State penitentiary where other violent sexually offenders have been housed.

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