City hall insider comes forward to 10News about allegations of sexual harassment against Filner

Filner refuses to comment on allegations

SAN DIEGO - A city hall insider came forward to 10News Wednesday about the allegations of sexual harassment against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Filner dodged10News' cameras and questions Wednesday evening and even used a back door to sneak out of City Hall, then got into an SUV that was waiting for him blocks away.

He would only say he was not commenting after claims were made public Wednesday that he sexually harassed at least two women.

Sources tell 10News that was also part of the reason why Bronwyn Ingram broke off their engagement and also because of possible legal action that may be brought against the mayor in relation to the claims.

A city hall insider told 10News that "there have been a number of women who talked to Bob about his behaviors" and that "the conversations were all along the lines you have to stop this."

The insider added, "This apparently has been an issue for Bob for a long time."

Political analyst John Dadian told 10News, "If all these reports are true, whether it be allegations by former employees, whether it be tempers, whether it be the Sunroad scandal, I mean, that's completely separate from all of these other allegations, so there's so many shoes, so many shoes are dropping in this scandal, you would think the mayor is a centipede."

On Wednesday afternoon, 10News caught up with San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez as he was leaving City Hall.

He was reluctant to respond to the allegations until 10News reporter Preston Phillips read him the statement issued Wednesday by San Diego City Councilman Kevin Faulconer.

"It saddens me that the City of San Diego is crumbling under Mayor Filner's scandals, including these most recent sexual misconduct allegations. These allegations are very serious and Bob Filner owes the public a full explanation," Faulconer wrote in his statement to the media.

"Is it disturbing to see something like this?" Phillips asked.

"Well, it's disheartening any time you have no cohesion amongst the city, so that's not a good thing," said Alvarez.

Letters from three prominent Filner supporters asking the mayor to resign were obtained by 10News on Wednesday.

The most damaging came from former San Diego City Councilwoman Donna Frye, who was also the mayor's director of open government and community engagement before she stepped down in April.

Frye wrote, "Despite past rumors, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. I cannot in good conscience remain silent on this, even if those who have spoken to me chose to do so out of fear of retribution."

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