City attorney: Multiple recalls against Mayor Bob Filner are OK

Memo issued Thursday morning to media

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego City Attorney says multiple recalls against Mayor Bob Filner can be circulated at the same time. So far, two recalls are set to try to get the embattled mayor out of office.

In a memo sent to Team 10, Jan Goldsmith wrote, "There is nothing in San Diego's recall law that prohibits multiple efforts to circulate petitions to qualify a recall for the ballot."

There had been mounting confusion over what the law says about recalls. Two people have taken the steps necessary to begin circulating petitions.

While two people can circulate petitions, Goldsmith wrote, only one can be certified for the ballot.

"The City Clerk may not accept for filing any other recall petition against that public official," the memo said. "At that point, the City Council will be required to call a special election. If the Mayor is not recalled in the election, another recall petition may not be filed against the Mayor for six months."

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Growing calls for the mayor to resign stem from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by a former staffer. The embattled mayor has said he is innocent.

There are also other scandals surrounding Filner, including a Justice Department investigation and a trip overseas, as Team 10 first broke.

Get caught up on all of the scandals surrounding the embattled mayor on our special Team 10 page. (Mobile users:

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