Chargers linebacker Thomas Keiser responds to civil lawsuit filed against him

Bar employee suing Thomas Keiser for Dec. attack

SAN DIEGO - San Diego Chargers linebacker Thomas Keiser has responded to a civil lawsuit stemming from a December 2013 attack on a downtown bar employee.

Through his lawyers, Keiser denies wrongdoing in the attack. The court documents make several claims regarding the incident, including that the attack was "done in the defense or self-defense" of Keiser.

The document also says the plaintiff, Joseph Monda, "voluntarily placed himself in a position of danger."

In May, Team 10 obtained surveillance video of the attack at barleymash in downtown. The video shows Keiser waiting for Monda in the hallway that leads to the bathrooms. When Keiser sees his target, he grabs him from behind and throws the employee to the ground.

In the civil suit, Monda said the trouble began the night of December 29, 2013, when Keiser's father was told he was being cut off and no longer served alcohol at barleymash. The court documents say Keiser bought a drink for his dad anyway and when Monda told the two to leave, "Keiser responded with a profanity-laced verbal tirade."

Keiser pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in March. He was sentenced to probation, ordered to pay a fine and required to take anger management classes.

Attorney Brian Watkins, who is not affiliated with the case, said the video helps the victim in the civil case.

"When you have a video, it's a little bit more than a 'he said-she said,'" Watkins said.

However, he also added that the video shows just a snippet in time, and it is not clear what happens before and after the video. Watkins said the fact that no audio can be heard in the surveillance video could help Keiser.

"For example, if the plaintiff here had said something threatening to Mr. Keiser and said I'm going to go in there and get a gun and do something, then Keiser would be justified in coming in and trying to stop him from doing that," Watkins said.

The victim filed an unlimited lawsuit, meaning he is seeking damages in excess of $25,000.

Team 10 questioned Chargers head coach Mike McCoy in May about the incident. McCoy only said, "We've handled it the right way."

On Monday, Team 10 contacted the Chargers again. A spokesman would not elaborate on the situation, only saying it was an "internal" matter.

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