Castle Park Middle School principal under investigation will resign at the end of the school year

Sources: Investigation involves hostile workplace

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Questions are being asked about bullying, sexual harassment and misuse of funds in the investigation into the former principal of Castle Park Middle School in Chula Vista.

A spokesperson for the Sweetwater Union High School District confirmed that Bobby Bleisch was reassigned to district headquarters pending the outcome of the investigation, but would not say why Bleisch is being targeted.

Multiple sources tell Team 10 that Bleisch has tendered his resignation, effective June 30th.

At Tuesday's school board meeting, a teacher from Granger Junior High School, where Bleisch once worked, scolded the board for promoting him to principal.

"What we do with these guys is when they sexually harass us, when they harass our gay students, when they harass our gay teachers, when they harass women and men both, what we do is we promote them," said Jennifer Cochrane-Schultz. 

Schultz said she will not be quiet any longer.

A teacher at Castle Park confirmed for Team 10 that an attorney working for the district interviewed faculty members about their interactions with Bleisch. Diand Ince said the questions centered around the general environment on campus, funding sources and issues of bullying and sexual harassment. 

Although Ince said she had not personally encountered bullying or sexual harassment, many of her coworkers had.

Ince said the atmosphere on campus is much more upbeat since Bleisch was removed, saying things had been "difficult" during the former principal's tenure.

"We're looking forward now to a more professional attitude on campus where the teachers and the students and the parents are all respected and we can all help each other with our job of educating our children," she said.

On Wednesday, the day after Team 10 reported Bleisch's reassignment, the district sent a note home to parents. It made no mention that Bleisch was under investigation.

"If it's anything that impacts the children, then I think the parents should be informed," said Paul Lopez, who has a son in 7th grade.  Lopez added he hopes the district is more forthcoming once their investigation is complete.

The district has not said when that will be. For now, Assistant Principal Gina Galvez-Mailari is taking over as acting principal.

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