Man claims sexual abuse in lawsuit against Boy Scouts of America

Suit focuses on former Scouts leader Glenn Jordan

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego man is suing the Boy Scouts of America, claiming sexual abuse was covered up by the organization.

The lawsuit alleges that the victim, 15 years old at the time, was sexually abused in a hot tub while at a Scout camp near San Diego.

"They are keeping these names secret and it is wrong," said John Manly, the alleged victim's lawyer.

Manly is the latest lawyer to sue the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of an abused client. His suit focuses on convicted sex offender and former Scout leader Glenn Jordan, who stands convicted of molesting seven children, including Manly's client, who is now nearly 30 years old.

"Our client was involved in scouting from a very young age," Manly said. "He loves the Scouts, but frankly the Scouts have betrayed him and they've betrayed others."

The lawsuit claims the Scouts "knew or had reason to know" about "Jordan's past sexual abuse of minors" but implemented a "code of silence."

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Team 10 exposed that code of silence last summer, revealing a culture of secrecy inside American scouting. The main secret involved files kept on adult Scout leaders who allegedly molested scouts.

The Team 10 investigation showed these "ineligible volunteer" files were rarely shared with police.

"Confidentiality encourages prompt reporting of questionable behavior," former Boy Scouts of America CEO Bob Mazzuca said in the summer of 2012. "It removes the fear of retribution and gives victims and their families the privacy they deserve."

Manly said he will be asking the Scouts for money, but said the lawsuit is about more than a payoff. On Wednesday, he joined dozens of lawyers across the country asking the Scouts to tell police what they've known for years.

"Secrecy inside childhood organizations equals children being victimized," he said.

The Boy Scouts of America provided Team 10 the following statement about the San Diego lawsuit:

"While we cannot comment on active litigation, the abuse of anyone, especially a child, is intolerable and we extend our deepest sympathies to anyone who may be a victim of this type of behavior. The Boy Scouts of America takes the protection of youth very seriously, which is why we have continuously enhanced our multi-tiered policies and procedures. The BSA's comprehensive youth protection program includes education, chartered organization leader selection procedures, criminal background and other checks, barriers to abuse and prompt mandatory reporting."

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