Accusers of ex-SDPD officer Christopher Hays upset after plea deal struck with prosecutors

SAN DIEGO - Several accusers of former San Diego police officer Christopher Hays say they are frustrated after he pleaded guilty to assaulting women on duty.

"It hurts my heart and soul. It's like a slap in the face," said one accuser named "Shauna."

For Shauna, the pain of the surprise plea deal continues to sting.

"There's disappointment and rage. I felt like I was being victimized all over again," said Shauna.

Shauna met Hays in 2012. She and her cousin were heading home from a bar when the car they were in broke down. After her cousin went for help, Shauna said Hays pulled up and eventually threatened her, saying she would end up in jail she didn't give him oral sex.

She agreed.

"When he said that to me, I believed him," said Shauna.

Almost two years later, Hays pleaded guilty to felony false imprisonment and misdemeanors for assault and battery, amid charges involving four women.

Because of the plea deal, Hays now faces a one-year sentence instead of four years.

"I couldn't believe it. It wasn't a big enough message to show anyone who commits crimes against women that they shouldn't do it," said Shauna.

Shauna is one of five accusers whose cases were never charged -- a fact she said she doesn't understand.

Shuana, who hired civil attorney Dan Gilleon, was interviewed by district attorney's office investigators, and she said she passed a lie detector test.

Gilleon, who represents two other accusers, said all are frustrated by the plea deal. He believes the DA's office is "lenient on cops." He points to the case of disgraced ex-officer Anthony Arevalos,

A year before Arevalos' arrest, another woman accused him of sexually assaulting her, but prosecutors declined to press charges.

Gilleon said he's also just learned that another former police officer Donald Moncrief, who is accused of assaulting one of his clients, will not be charged.

"I think police officers get away with a lot more, because the DA and prosecutors need police officer support. Part of that support comes during election time," said Gilleon.

"It's definitely a let's-hurry-up-and-sweep-this-under-the-rug mentality. With that mentality, nothing's going to change. It's going to happen again," said Shauna.

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office sent this statement:

"The only pattern in the District Attorney's office is one of holding individuals accountable for their crimes no matter who they are. We file appropriate charges against peace officers like anyone else when we believe we can prove crimes occurred beyond a reasonable doubt."

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