90-year-old woman tells Team 10 she had $24,000 stolen from her in 2 months

Woman says caregiver she hired stole from her

SAN DIEGO - A 90-year-old San Diego woman told Team 10 she had $24,000 stolen from her in just two months.

Police have had the case since January but still no arrest, so the woman went to Team 10 Troubleshooter Cristin Severance to get her story out there.

The woman, who we'll call "Tanya," said she loved the woman she hired as a caregiver.

"I liked everything about her," she said.

The caregiver worked for a reputable agency and came to her home a few times a week.

"She would take me anywhere I needed to go," said Tanya.

Tanya hired fiduciary Frank Fiorito to help manage her money.

"He found out something was terribly wrong," she said.

She did not have a filing system but would jot down little notes about her finances.

"It gave me a start to what was going on," he said.

Fiorito said the caregiver opened a credit card in Tanya's name, intercepted the bills and would use that credit card at the mall while Tanya was with her.

"There was charges from the Disney store, charges from the nail salon, charges from Tilly's," said Fiorito.

He said she then used Tanya's money to pay off the bill.

"She was taking money out of my bank account to cover up what she was charging," said Tanya.

Fiorito said the caregiver used the card in California, Utah and Nevada for a total of $24,000 over two months.

He then confronted the caregiver.

"She went ahead and admitted to it and said, 'Hey, I'm real sorry, I was confused,'" said Fiorito.

The caregiver said in a voicemail, "Maybe we could make up a way to pay back the charges."

She said she offered to pay $100 a month.

"That's a long time to be paying back $100 a month for the $24,000 you took from her," said Fiorito.

The caregiver was fired from the agency and Fiorito went to police.

10News is not naming her because charges have not been filed but Fiorito and Tanya could not wait any longer to get this story out there.

"So it won't happen to anyone else in my age," said Tanya.

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