Investigation into San Diego police officer DUI case now growing

4 more officers under investigation

SAN DIEGO - Four San Diego police officers have been assigned to desk duty while the department investigates their involvement in the possible cover-up of the suspected DUI crash of a fellow officer.

Detective Jeffrey Blackford lost control of his police-issue car on Princess View Drive in Allied Gardens early in the morning of Dec. 7.

According to a 10News source, he had been partying with other officers before crashing his car into a utility box just before 1 a.m. He did not report the crash to authorities.

Surveillance video obtained by 10News shows the car's headlights as the car spins out.  Later, the video shows another car pulling up and two men getting out.

According to court documents, those two men were Sgt. John Iammarino and Detective Daniel Caropreso, who were friends of Blackford and were off-duty.

After some time passed, Sgt. William Brown and Sgt. Christopher Tivanian arrived on scene. According to court documents, they were on-duty, and one of them tested Blackford with a preliminary alcohol sensor, or PAS test. The results of that test were not reported.

According to the document filed by the San Diego City Attorney, an on-duty traffic officer was not called in until 2:15 a.m., and it was not until 3:59 a.m. that Blackford was given an Intoxilyzer test. His blood alcohol level was .09, just over the legal limit.

The city attorney went to court Friday to get San Diego police to release the results of its internal investigation into the incident. Police released the documents later that day.

San Diego police Chief William Lansdowne declined a 10News request to discuss the case, indicating through a spokesperson that he will have something to say when the investigation is complete.

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