Interim Mayor Todd Gloria, Councilman Kevin Faulconer speak about San Diego's future

SAN DIEGO - Interim San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and Councilman Kevin Faulconer spoke about San Diego's future during a City Club reception at the La Jolla Country Day School on Saturday.

"The city has lived through a really difficult time," Gloria said. "There is a big mess that Bob Filner has left behind. The problems are serious, and they're substantial and they need to be cleaned up."

Gloria is heading up the damage control after Bob Filner resigned amid an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations. He talked about a blueprint for bringing businesses to town and digging out of debt by 2024.

"What we've learned is that one person can do a lot of damage, and we have to make the right choice this time," Gloria said. "I'm just grateful you're going to have a lot of good choices on that ballot."

A San Diego State University professor wanted to know why interim mayor Gloria will not try to make the title a lasting one. 

"I would have enjoyed running for mayor," he said. "I like the job. A week on, I can tell you it's a pretty sweet gig, but you need me to govern. You don't need me to campaign right now."

10News wanted to know how Faulconer could as a councilman.

When asked about how he can ensure that his campaign will not hurt the process of moving the city forward, Faulconer responded, "Laser-focused on the job at hand."

The mayoral race will be a crowded one, with nearly 30 candidates.

When asked if San Diegans can trust him, Faulconer said, "They can look at my job. They can trust the job I've done. They can trust the fact that I've been working very hard on the council for a number of years."

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