Intended victim in murder-for-hire plot opens up about her emotional ordeal

Rita Mansour targeted by husband, mother-in-law

EL CAJON, Calif. - A woman whose husband and mother-in-law tried to have her killed spoke to 10News about her anguish and heartache over the ordeal.

"I think they are sociopaths. There's no other explanation," said Rita Mansour.

Mansour is speaking of June Pickard and her son, Richard Noble -- the man Mansour thought was her soul mate.

Nearly four years after she and Noble got married, Noble and his mother are now in prison after pleading guilty to plotting Mansour's murder.

"What happened to me never leaves my mind. [It's] constant every day," said Mansour.

Also playing in her mind are surveillance videos recorded by an undercover officer playing the role of hitman, as Noble and Pickard casually talked about wanting Mansour's condo and bank account and ways to kill her for a $1,000 sum.

Several hours of videos and audio recordings were shown to her after Pickard and Noble were arrested in El Cajon in January.

"I was still in shock, like I don't believe it. I was in a dream," said Mansour.

"We want to get rid of her. I mean, we just want her dead," Pickard is heard saying in one of the recordings.

"That part hurt so bad because I didn't even know she had those feelings toward me," Mansour told 10News.

Mansour said she invited her mother-in-law to stay with them, gave up her master bedroom and thought her marriage was going well.

"It kills me to know the love of my life wanted to do this [to] me. It's been really hard to come to grips with that," said Mansour.

In the videos, Mansour is described as stingy with her money.

"It's painful. I did a lot for both of them and there they are … lying," said Mansour.

Despite the videos, she still had a hard time fully believing in her husband's guilt, until a jailhouse visit when he declared his innocence, but spoke in a joking tone about the charges.

"It was at that moment, I was like, 'Oh, my God, there's something wrong with him,'" said Mansour.

She said she had ignored some previous red flags, such as frequent verbal abuse. She also said he hit her several times.

"I just want to let women know they should never tolerate being hit. Him being abusive, they don't change," said Mansour.

Her life has changed. She is still afraid to go out, and she said it's hard for her to trust.

"I do feel lucky, I do feel very lucky even though it's been hard," said Mansour.

Noble and Pickard were sentenced to life in prison. They will be eligible for parole in seven years.

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