Inmate already facing murder charge in death of SDPD officer accused of witness intimidation

Alex Charfauros was in Skyline apt. before SWAT

SAN DIEGO - Alex Charfauros is one of three people charged with conspiracy to intimidate a witness against him and two others facing trial later this summer for the death of San Diego police Officer Chris Wilson.

Wilson died in a hail of bullets when attempting to serve a probation warrant during SWAT action at an apartment in Skyline in October of 2010.

Charfauros was already under arrest and outside the apartment when police attempted to enter, only to be met by gunfire. 

A man and woman inside the apartment – Holim Lee and Lucky Xayasene – were later found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Four handguns and a shotgun were also found.

Charfauros and two others found hiding in a bedroom are charged with murder for their involvement that night.

Friday's preliminary hearing was about a witness scheduled to testify in that trial: a man nicknamed "Buddha," who was also in custody. 

The accusation is that Buddha was targeted because he had made a statement to police that would be used in the upcoming murder trial.

That statement and a picture of Buddha would be circulated at the jail and he would be labeled a snitch.

Sheriff's Deputy Rudy Sanchez, Jr. told 10News how that could end. 

"I've seen snitches get their throats slashed," he said. "I've seen them get beat up really bad. I've seen them get slashed from cheek to ear."

Superior Court Judge Charles Rogers ruled there is enough evidence to warrant a trial on the intimidation charges.

Pretrial motions on the murder case are scheduled to be heard on Monday.

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