Injured Toddler Shows Signs Of Progress In Recovery

Izaiah Wallis, 2, Paralyzed In October 2010 Crash

A toddler left paralyzed and brain damaged following in a DUI crash is showing some signs of progress in his recovery.

Two-year-old Izaiah Wallis is moving parts of his body thanks to help from the BrainTek Institute, which is based in Sorrento Valley.

In video taken last week, Izaiah is shown lifting his hip and moving his feet on his own -- something he has not done since being seriously injured in the October 2010 crash.

What looks like a minor improvement is being called almost miraculous, doctors observing Izaiah said.

"It was so exciting …," BrainTek Institute founder Dr. Dennis Maness said, holding back his emotions and thinking of the progress the child has made in the two weeks since his release from the hospital.

"The baby didn't get an option when he was run over. At one point, they were considering calling a hospice. To see baby making these kinds of turnarounds, it is so exciting," Maness added.

Izaiah was left paralyzed from the chest down and partially blind after a drunk teen driver crashed into his stroller while he and his grandfather were out for a walk.

The teen driver was given a 480-day sentence in a youth offender program.

The BrainTek Institute is using sounds and vibrations to help re-program Izaiah's brain -- parts of it which have been left dormant since the crash.

Many years ago, Maness suffered a stroke and was told he'd never walk or speak normally.

However, that diagnosis turned out to be wrong, and now Maness said he has the same hopes for Izaiah.

"We want to get rid of all the paralysis. Can we do that? I hope so," said Maness.

Maness and his team are providing this care for free.

Izaiah, who will need 24-hour care, now has a hospital bill which stands at around $3.5 million.

The charity working with Izaiah's family is trying to buy a house for them to help with Izaiah's recovery. Passion 4 K.I.D.S. has already raised nearly $47,000, but they are still looking for help.

Linda Van Kessler, with Passion 4 K.I.D.s, said a home is needed because the current home the family rents is not handicapped-accessible. Izaiah needs more space, including wheelchair access, for his future care.

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