Injured hawk found inside classroom at Mission Hills school

Bird flew away when help arrived

SAN DIEGO - Authorities were called to a Mission Hills school Wednesday afternoon after a hawk was found injured inside a classroom.

Authorities were contacted just before 1 p.m. after a custodian discovered the hawk in a classroom at Grant Elementary School in the 1400 block of Washington Place.

10News learned the hawk flew into the classroom through an open door or window, but it had apparently hurt itself after crashing into a closed window when trying to fly out.

"I left it open for lunch. When I came back, he was inside," said custodian Didier Campbell, who has worked at the school for 30 years. "I didn't even want to go in. I got all of them and they went in and took pictures of it."

By "them," Campbell meant San Diego Unified School District employees, like Ryan Wulff, working nearby.

"We were trying to scoot him out and it looked like the wing was damaged and he just sat there and puffed up on us," said Wulff.

10News asked Campbell why he didn't want to go inside, and he said, "It scared me when it hit the window and broke it."

Patti Hyman, a volunteer with Project Wildlife and San Diego Bird Rescue, entered the classroom with a net, trying to help the hawk, but the bird flew away through an open window.

She was happy that the hawk was able to fly away and that the classroom was empty.

"I think that would have really been pretty stressful on the bird had there been a lot of people in there," Hyman said.


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