Infrared video may help identify burglars rampaging through Poway

15 homes and businesses targeted since Sept. 1st

POWAY, Calif. - Burglars have been working overtime in Poway. Fifteen burglaries or attempted break-ins have been recorded since Sept. 1. Sheriff's detectives have new leads, though: Video of the burglars that hit the Bernardo Winery last month.

Owner Ross Rizzo, Jr. told 10News that detectives have logged into evidence his infrared video from that night. 

"There were two guys on the video and they just walked around the property and broke in," said Rizzo. "It was very fast."

Motion detectors are spread around the grounds, too. Step into the line of sight and you are showered in bright light. His camera caught that also. 

"The burglars actually change course when the motion light goes on," said Rizzo.

Security at the winery is tighter now. 

"We doubled the amount of cameras that are here, which is substantial," he said.

There is also a night watchman making rounds at random times.

At a home a few miles away, 10News found a more simple security device which proved quite effective: a broom handle.

The homeowner had it wedged in her sliding glass door jam. She showed 10News the scar on the end that was left by the break-in attempt, but it held.

"They popped the latch off with a pry bar but the stick kept them out," said the homeowner, who only wanted to be identified as Laura L.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to arrests in the burglary series. 

The suspects are two African-American men.  Both are about 6 feet tall and in their 20s. The driver is a Hispanic woman with dark hair, also in her 20s. The vehicle is either a white Honda or Volkswagen sedan.

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