Imperial Beach residents say busy intersection needs extra attention

Sheriff's dept. promises more attention

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. - Imperial Beach residents are asking the San Diego County Sheriff's Department to put some eyes on a busy intersection.

IB resident Felice Baxter contacted 10News about the four-way stop sign at the intersection of Seacoast Drive and Imperial Beach Boulevard. The sheriff's department said it didn't keep track of accidents at the intersection.

However, last week, one of Baxter's friends broke his leg when he was struck at the crosswalk.

"The person wasn't drunk, the person wasn't under the influence of drugs," said Baxter. "They just didn't stop at the stop sign."

Baxter said the sheriff's department needs to enforce the stop signs a lot more.

Sheriff's Lt. Marco Garmo at the Imperial Beach Substation told 10News it's important for residents like Baxter to let officials know about issues like the intersection and he promised results.

"We will give that intersection some attention," said Garmo.

"They could pull people over all day long and make loads of money for the city of Imperial Beach," said Baxter.

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