Imperial Beach man attends major sporting events in America, collects memorabilia

Collection fills John Roche's garage

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. - An Imperial Beach man who has gone to every Super Bowl and Major League Baseball all-star game for the past two decades shared his unbelievable sports memorabilia collection with 10News.

"Some people go to Broadway shows or a lot of nice dinners. This is just my hobby," said John Roche, who has also attended the World Series and Final Four during most of those years.

It's a hobby that has cost him tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Besides buying a ticket, airfare and a hotel room, Roche also spends hundreds of dollars on merchandise that he then stores in an amazing "filing" system in his garage. Memorabilia from each event is stored in one of 150 plastic bins.

"Well, I guess I save money by not going to the regular games," he said.

Roche said he will attend this year's Super Bowl in New Jersey, making it his 24th in a row.

The game ticket alone cost him $2,500, and some are selling them online for upwards of $6,000.

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