Immigrant family from El Salvador is released in San Diego

SAN DIEGO - Ana Miriam Hernandez came to the United States from El Salvador with her granddaughter to reunite with her daughter who is in Boston.

She said that the support in San Diego has been a blessing.

“This journey has been difficult, thank God it was not as bad for us as it has been for other people who have been here for a longer time and thank God we have been here for about 3 days since they arrested us and now we are on our way out.”

According to Hernandez, life in El Salvador is extremely unsafe.

“The situation is difficult, many people are dying, it seems that criminals have more benefits than the good people. Many people want to come here to flee from the gangs but sometimes they can’t because of their financial situation. But many people would like to come.”

She said that her experience with immigration agents was a positive one.

“We came in through Tijuana,” said Hernandez.

“When we came in, they treated us well; I don’t have any complaints against them (immigration agents).”

When asked about the reactions of protesters who are against immigrants being here, Hernandez asks for empathy.

“Have mercy for the people who come because we don’t come here to do bad, we come here to work, we come here fleeing because we have so much fear of being over there in El Salvador.”

Hernandez adds that “it seems that no one cares, no one in El Salvador, the government does not care that many people are dying.”

Meanwhile, the group Border Angels met with Hernandez and her granddaughter, to whom they gave a giant Teddy Bear, after they were released from the immigration detention center in San Diego.

Border Angels is accepting donations through Project Teddy Bear to help those immigrants being processed in San Diego, including heavy duty trash bags, cardboard boxes, new children’s blankets, diapers, toys and clean stuffed animals/Teddy bears.

The donations can be dropped off at 2258 Island Ave., San Diego, CA 92102.

The organization is delivering the donations to federal officials.

You can view the interview with Ana Miriam Hernandez in Spanish through our sister station Azteca San Diego here.

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