Illegal dumping at Rancho Bernardo park angers City Councilman Mark Kersey

Culprits face hefty fines if caught

RANCHO BERNARDO, Calif. - The dumping of a ton of construction material near Rancho Bernardo Community Park has angered San Diego City Councilman Mark Kersey.

"It really makes me feel angry," said Kersey, who represents District 5. "This is something that we're clearly not going to tolerate here in the city, especially in my district."

One of Kersey's constituents snapped a picture of an unknown dump truck dropping a load off across the street from the park in an empty lot, between the park and Interstate 15.

"We've got a couple different piles here," Kersey pointed out. "We've got some dirt, we've got some concrete. We've got some busted up brick."

"I mean, this is not one truckload. This has clearly been going on for several days or maybe a week or more," he added.

Picking up the mess will cost San Diego taxpayers thousands of dollars.

"All of us as taxpayers, when someone does something like this, we all have to pay for this kind of cleanup," said Kersey.

Kersey said he'd like to track down the people who avoided paying disposal fees by dumping on public land.

"One thing that I've called for is a list of all the active building permits here in the area so we can see which projects are going on," he said.

The people who did it could face a hefty fine that could possibly cost more than the original disposal fee.

Anyone with information is asked to call San Diego police or Kersey's office.


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