Hundreds rally downtown against violence in Gaza

SAN DIEGO - Hundreds of San Diegans rallied downtown Friday evening to stop the deadly fighting between Israelis and Palestinians.

They chanted, "Free, free Palestine! Free, free Palestine!"

Rami Ilaian organized the event. He told 10News, "We're here to protest against the illegal killing of this young boy and the constant attack on Gaza."

He is referring to the 16-year-old Palestinian boy killed last week, reportedly at the hands of Israelis after they doused him with gasoline and burned him alive.

That was a revenge murder after three Israeli teenage boys, including an American citizen, were kidnapped in the West Bank and then killed.

Now, tension between the Israelis and Palestinians is at a breaking point.

About 30,000 Israeli troops have been called up and are assembling at the border with heavy artillery and are poised to launch a ground operation in Gaza.

Hamas is now taking aim at Tel Aviv's international airport with a burst of rocket fire. The death toll in Gaza continues to rise. Neither side seems willing to stop. Back in San Diego, there is concern from those with relatives in the crossfire.

Samer Naji attended the rally.

"I think the situation on the ground in the West Bank and in Gaza is approaching, if not already apartheid and it's everyone's responsibility to step up and demands that this ends and demand that American tax dollars stop funding apart," he said.

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