Hundreds of tires slashed in Pacific Beach: Some believe incidents happen after Chargers' wins

SAN DIEGO - Since late December, some residents in a Pacific Beach neighborhood say they've noticed tires being slashed following a Chargers victory.

Tire shops have been rolling in the business the last few weeks, as someone has slashed the tires on hundreds of cars parked around Lamont Street and Fortuna Avenue.

Big O Tires tire technician Anthony Pflendler showed 10News the puncture point on a tire recently brought in. He said, "It looks like a knife cut, and they do it on the side where you can't fix it. So it really starts getting expensive."

Scott Kemp had his front left tire slashed sometime Sunday evening, and he told 10News, "I didn't even notice, but I started driving it and I felt the tire was flat or something. So I got out of the car and I was just riding on the rim; my front left tire was completely dead."

Kemp said when he tried to put air in the tire, "the air is just blowing back out the sidewall and I notice a few puncture wounds so it clearly looked like someone had stabbed the tire."

A neighbor told 10News the incidents have been happening since Christmas and always on a certain day.

"It happened Sunday night after the Charger's game," Kemp said.  

It's a big hassle because insurance won't cover vandalism.

Pfendler said, "Especially when you have ... pretty much new tires ... and they are not cheap ..."

He showed 10News one set where each tire was $150.

Kemp's replacement tire was even more expensive at $200.

San Diego police said they haven't gotten many victims coming forward to report it.

No arrests have been made.

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