Hundreds Gather To Support Local 'Idol' Finalist

Jessica Sanchez Is Up Against Phillip Phillips Jr.

Hundreds of fans gathered in Chula Vista on Tuesday to support local "American Idol" finalist Jessica Sanchez.

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Fans turned out at Eastlake Tavern and Bowl to watch the show's finale and cheer for Jessica.

"It's like… it gives me chills," said fan Alberto Hurtado. "She's amazing."

While there were no criticisms from the crowd at Eastlake Tavern and Bowl, "American Idol" judges gave Sanchez mixed reviews.

"I thought you sang the song really well," show judge Jennifer Lopez told Jessica. "Again, it was a pop ballad. If I was thinking about what your first single was going to be, I don't think I would do that."

Jessica is up against Phillip Phillips Jr. of Leesburg, Ga.

Family friend Myra Llavore said Jessica has already won in her book. She said the 16-year-old has no idea how big of a star she already is.

"If she wins tomorrow – taking that back – she's going to win tomorrow… it's going to blow her away," said Llavore. "She's going to be surprised because she is so humble and she's not expecting it."

The new "American Idol" will be crowned Wednesday. The winner receives a $1 million recording contract.

Also on Wednesday, fans of Jessica plan to hold a celebration – win or lose – at Eastlake Tavern and Bowl starting at 5 p.m.

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