Hundreds celebrate nearly 200,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies sent to troops overseas

Troops and girl scouts grateful for mutual support

SAN DIEGO - Hundreds gathered on the USS Midway on Saturday to celebrate the nearly 200,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that were sent to military members serving overseas this past year.

Lt. Willie John Jordan of the U.S. Navy knows how a box of cookies means a little more when you're so far away.

"You get these little notes, and it's just that other little touch from home," he said.

He has left a lot at home during his five deployments and has three Girl Scouts of his own.

"That's one part of the job that's hard – to go and leave the family, leave the kids and everything," he added.

His 8-year-old daughter Abigail is so proud of dad.

 "I'm happy that he's in the military," she told 10News.

She had a trick to get those boxes to military members. When someone would buy a box of cookies, she would hold onto the change and ask if they would donate it to Operation Thin Mint, which seemed to work. 

Roni Nelson seemed untouchable. She is the top-selling local Girl Scout for the third straight year. This year, she sold more than 5,000 total boxes.

"It takes a whole lot of hard work," Nelson said. "I do at least like three hours every day and on the weekends, it's my entire weekend."

Jordan is grateful for the organization that is helping to shape his girls into women while he is out serving this country.

"It's great," he said. "They help create that little cornerstone, something for them to start and just build off of to give them a good foundation to hopefully being great people and great contributors."

Contributing to the community and the country is what it is all about. None of it would have been possible without San Diegans who pitched in to say thanks and enjoy.

In her shy voice, Abigail had this message for people like her dad: "I hope you like your cookies."

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