Huge holiday crowds pack Lindbergh Field for one of busiest travel days of the year

Poor weather around nation delays many flights

SAN DIEGO - Even if the weather had been perfect around the country, Friday still would've been one of Lindbergh Field's busiest days of the year.  There were long lines everywhere you looked -- at check-in counters and at security checkpoints.

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The green, white and red on the arrival monitors was not evocative of a holiday spirit, with plenty of delays listed, especially from places like Chicago where transplanted San Diego native Tony Fares flew in from. 

"My parents just picked me up. They brought me a burrito,” said Fares. “It's good to be home.  That's all I can say."

Sharon Dougherty began her journey Friday morning in St. Louis, where the weather was fine.  The problem was she and her fellow passengers had to wait for their flight crew, who were coming from Pittsburgh. 

"The Pittsburgh flight was delayed by quite a bit. We're 45 minutes late landing," Dougherty said.

But weather delays were not exclusive to cities of inclement eastern origin.  Marco Salerno was coming from San Francisco. 

"I am here at 9p.m. So it's been about 11 hours -- from San Francisco," Salerno said.

Jeff Vinum was coming from San Francisco as well.  After several cancelled flights, he finally got on a flight at 7 p.m., arriving in San Diego 11 hours late. 

"You could have driven in less time" said 10News reporter John Carroll.  "You could have swam here," Vinum said with a chuckle.

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