Huge crowds flock to local beaches to enjoy warm weather

Calm waves keep rescues to minimum

SAN DIEGO - Huge crowds flocked to local beaches on Saturday to enjoy the warm, sunny weather.

Kayakers near the La Jolla Cove took in the scenery while taking advantage of calm waters.

Dozens of others waded near the water's edge at the cove or crowded on the sand across at La Jolla Shores.

San Diego lifeguards tell 10News that Saturday's crowds were large for this time of year. Fortunately, calm waves have kept rescues to a minimum.

"The beach has been really busy today with the crowds and a lot of people in the water because the water has warmed up," said lifeguard Sgt. Troy Keach. "We're lucky the surf is kind of small so it's more preventive lifeguarding and we're not making a lot of rescues, but we've got a lot of activity out here."

10News did catch one rescue by SeaWorld sea life experts. A 300-pound sea lion stranded near Boomers at La Jolla Cove will now head to SeaWorld to be rehabilitated.

"We got a call from lifeguards that there was a stranded adult male California sea lion in distress and so we came down here to assess the situation found out that he did indeed look sick and we just rescued him," said Heather Ruce, who is with SeaWorld San Diego. "We're going to take him back to SeaWorld, we're going to rehabilitate him and then return him to the wild."

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