House re-elects John Boehner speaker

WASHINGTON - The House has re-elected embattled Republican John Boehner speaker.
The Ohio lawmaker won a second, two-year term as leader with 220 votes, losing just a handful of votes in the Republican-controlled chamber.
The election of the speaker came as the House and Senate ushered in a new Congress Thursday.

But it's been a bruising couple of weeks for the Republican leader.  Last month, he  failed get conservatives on board for his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Boehner eventually was able to turn to Senator Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to help negotiate a deal with the White House. A deal was ultimately passed.

Boehner was once again at the center of controversy when he did not allow a vote on a $60 billion aid package to help Superstorm Sandy victims. Many of his Republican colleagues were outraged.


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