Horseback riders who spotted Hannah Anderson, James DiMaggio talk to 10News

BOISE, Idaho - 10News on Monday spoke with two of the four horseback riders the FBI credits with saving Hannah Anderson's life.

Christa John and Mike Young have been living a whirlwind since talking about a chance encounter last week in the Boise National Forest with missing Lakeside teenager Hannah Anderson and her suspected kidnapper, James DiMaggio.

"No one besides us had been up in that area this whole year," said John. "We were the first ones in."

It was one of the many reasons why Hannah and DiMaggio stood out in their minds, long enough to recognize Hannah's picture on the news.

"And I told my wife, I said, 'That is that girl we seen on the mountain,'" said Mark John, another rider, during a news conference on Sunday.

That started a media storm for the four riders from Sweet, Idaho.

"You know we're still here kind of floating," said John. "It really hasn't set in yet for us either."

They have not been able to keep up with the story, since they have not been home in days.

"We don't know what's going on," said John. "Our computers are at home. We don't know anything."

They learned from 10 News that DiMaggio fired at least one shot in the wilderness.

When asked if he felt better knowing they did not get into a gun battle with DiMaggio, Young answered, "You know, it really doesn't. I told Mark I'd have been the first one shot off my horse."

Three of the four were carrying their own guns in the forest on Wednesday. It is a scenario they are happy they avoided, especially now that Hannah is safe at home.

When asked if they would like to meet Hannah, John replied, "Yes, I'd like to just … I just want to give her a hug … a grandma hug."

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